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Capital Investment Projects

PROJECT №04. The project of expanding the production of textile products and footwear in the territory of Bukhara.

The capacity of the existing garment-textile production (production of special clothing) is 3.600 sets per month. MORE INFO

PROJECT №238. Cotton-textile project in the Bukhara region.

Organization of cotton-textile production in the territory of 2000 hectares in Bukhara region. Investing in cotton growing and processing fiber in the existing spinning mill with a production capacity of 4200 tons / year of cotton export-oriented yarn. Total cost of the project: 13 000 000 US dollars. Sources of financing: Contribution of the initiator of the project: 9 000 000 US dollars; Investor's contribution: 4 000 000 US dollars.MORE INFO


PROJECT №275. Spinning mill with power 5300 tons per year of combed cotton yarn in Khorezm region.

There is a territory of 8.1 hectares of land. The total area of the production premises being completed is 1.9 hectares, including auxiliary facilities and engineering structures.The cost of investment in the project, including the building, equipment, as well as the initial financial costs (investment and working capital) are estimated for 15 548 000 US dollars. MORE INFO


PROJECT №526. Modern textile production in Kashkadarya region.

Land plot with a total area of ​​4 hectares located in Kashkadarya region. The company plans to build its own factory to provide an uninterrupted process of production of dyed fabric and finished textiles (denim products) from local raw materials.

Investor's contribution: 8 050 000 $MORE INFO


PROJECT №648.Textile production & processing

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of textilesin Uzbekistan.Among the activities of the company:• Production of knitted fabric;• Fabric processing - enzyme and silicone;• Pile of cloth;• Patterning on a knitted fabric;• Laboratory testing of physico-chemical properties of thecanvasOur products are knitted fabrics for products such as Tshirts,polo shirts, sweatshirts, windcheaters, baseballcaps and visors. MORE INFO

PROJECT №983. Silkscreen.

Silkscreen printing is an advanced screen printing, printing of various emblems, texts and images by applying special paints and embroidery with fabric on textile material.It is proposed to raise the scope of services in the field silkscreen printing to a new level and provide customers the best quality product. Author of the project has experience in the industry. MORE INFO

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