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Capital Investment Projects

PROJECT №03. Our organization is a supplier of rolled metal products

Our organization is a supplier of rolled metal in the amount of 5,5 thousand tons for the Customer of the construction of the Trade and household complex. MORE INFO

PROJECT №48.Expansion of the activities of the Internet store for the sale of consumer goods on credit.

The project is more than 2 years old. For 5 months of this year, the volume of sales of goods increased by 40% and a steady growth in the rate of sales is expected. MORE INFO

PROJECT №191. Business on Amazon.

Business on «Amazon» is a promising high-yielding and business with great opportunities. The essence of the business is to place the available goods for sale on the trading platform «Amazon» and to profitable goods in a short time. For this, Amazon has created warehouses throughout the world for the reception of goods, their packaging, search for a buyer, advertising, selling at a bargain price and calculating with supplier of the goods. For all this, «Amazon»  charges a fee of 0,99 cents for each product sold. MORE INFO

PROJECT №272. Improving the provision of taxi services in Tashkent.

Investment injections are necessary for the most effective functioning of the enterprise, which will significantly increase the volume of services provided, and accordingly, increase profits. This requires replenishment of assets in the form of additional vehicles, equipment and working capital. Total project cost - 1 187 000 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №292. Realization of cars by installments.

Our business is buying cars and selling them in installments. Cars will be different models from the "Spark" to "Malibu."Our business is buying cars and selling them in installments. Cars will be different models from the "Spark" to "Malibu."Our advantage is that everywhere the annual percentage of 30% and we will have 25% and the turnover will be faster.

The need to attract investment funds in the amount of: 110 000 $MORE INFO

PROJECT №390. Establishing a new ticket agency in Tashkent city.

The company will be functioned in sales of air tickets for passengers. It means that our company is considered as a subagent of one particular Agent air ticket sales company and functions according to the Sub-agency Contract. The goal of our company is that to supply the clients with comfortable ticket purchasing processes, gaining essential information for their journey. For establishing the company we need in total amount: 50 000 USD. READ MORE

PROJECT №420. NGV FS - Natural Gas vehicle filling station in Tashkent city.

This project envisages the construction of 2 complexes of a gas filling station in the city of Tashkent. The location of future NGV filling stations on the large ring road is the 1st NGV filling station in close proximity to the Kuylyuk market and the 2nd NGV filling station in the area of the Parkent market - these areas are among the busiest in the capital. The total project cost is $ 1 700 000. Required investment amount $ 1 190 000. READ MORE

PROJECT №457. Internet- cafe + game club in Tashkent city.

Purpose of the project:Purpose of the project:Currently, more than 155 small and not expensive clubs have already been opened in Tashkent city, but it is not our goal. Our goal is create a large and respectively not cheap game clubs would-be to elitism and directed to Cybersport. The most famous of the largest and most expensive game clubs is: "Tokyo".

The need to attract investment funds in the amount of: $ 450 000READ MORE

PROJECT №609. Transportation company engaged in taxi service since с 2010. (Business expansion).

All existing required infrastructure will be involved in successful implementation of the project:

  • Experience in this business is 9 years
  • Conveniently located taxi station territory with all required conditions for work
  • Professional experienced staff
  • The company has all types of insurance: compulsory insurance, voluntary insurance, carrier liability insurance, employee insurance

Required investment amount: 561 000 $. READ MORE

PROJECT №848. Import mobile phones.

This project involves the import of mobile phones into the Uzbek market. At the initial stage, only wholesale of these goods is planned. After the brand is consolidated in the market, it is planned to organize their assembly in the territory of Tashkent, which will increase the profitability of the business. READ MORE

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