Access to the database of business ideas, types of investment and legal support of the transaction

With us, the Investor can find a project that will bring profit from the invested funds and without doing anything, as your money will work for you.

Along with this, we will make every effort to multiply and preserve your investments.

Applying to us, you get unique access to a whole base of business ideas, which were selected from a variety of applications by our experts.

The author puts the idea into the project, the investor - its money, and we unite them into a joint business.

In addition, you can buy a stake in the finished business.

At the same time, investments in the proposed Projects can bring income much higher than the income from traditional investments - deposits in banks, mutual funds and other financial instruments.

How it works?

After considering your proposal for the possibility of investing (by phone or by correspondence), it is sent for moderation. After a while your offer will appear in the public access or may return for revision with the recommendations of our experts.

Your income depends on the type of transaction and the company you are investing in. You can buy a stake in a growing business. In 2-3 years the company can multiply the revenue. Then the cost of your share will grow 10-15 times.

If you decide to lend money, the selected company can use your money for development, and then return it with interest.

Our company will help you to get high profitability. Also, you will open new segments of the market and business model, find partners and ideas that you would want to implement.

We carefully select businesses that can several times increase their revenues and enter the markets of other countries.

You can choose an online store, a building project, a production of a demanded product or another business that you understand.

Types of investment

  1. 1. Loans against the share of the enterprise, when the Investor lends a loan for a specified period of time at a specified interest and takes a share in business as security for repayment of the loan.

At the same time, the Investor receives income as a percentage of the invested amount.

  1. 2. Financing through the acquisition of shares of the enterprise, when the Investor buys a share in the business. Additional collateral is made by agreement of the parties.

At the same time, the Investor receives income in the form of dividends from a share in the business.

  1. 3. Loans against property of the enterprise or other security of repayment, when the Investor lends a loan for a specified period of time at a specified interest and takes the property of the enterprise or other collateral to secure the loan repayment.

At the same time, the Investor receives income as a percentage of the invested amount.

  1. 4. Acquisition of a stake in the finished business.

At the same time, the Investor receives income in the form of dividends from a share in the business.

  1. 5. Other types of investment are possible, by agreement of the parties.


Investing in a new business takes time, besides - it's risky. We will help you to quickly select the Project that suits you and minimize the risks.

We will provide legal support for the transaction, indicate what the investments will be used on, we will arrange the return of investments (pledge of property and / or shares in business, surety, etc.).

If you buy a share of the business, we will help to ensure financial transparency of the project, determine the procedure for managing the company, establish control over the actions of the management bodies, agree on the rules for the distribution of profits, and monitor the implementation of the business plan.

Audit of the project concept

We will carry out legal and financial examination of the Project, analyze the commercial concept of the project, conduct a verification of compliance with the stated terms of the project and the projections of economic efficiency of the project.

As a result, the Investor receives the results of the analysis in an understandable form.

Project progress tracking

After the completion of the investment attraction phase, we are ready to offer the organization of interaction between the authors of ideas and investors, conduct an audit of the execution of the business plan and, if necessary, act as the controlling body.

PROJECT №01. Project for the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPF) from polypropylene granules

The rated capacity of the Project is 15,000 tons of finished products per year.

The total cost of the project is $ 17 million.

The need for third-party investment from $ 5 million to $ 15 million.

The annual net profit from the project implementation is approximately $ 3.5 million. MORE INFO

PROJECT №02. Project for the production of benthic products from bentonite clay.

The design capacity of the Project is 25 tons of finished products per year. The project requires $7.335.000  for a period of 3.5 yearsMORE INFO

PROJECT №03. Our organization is a supplier of rolled metal products

Our organization is a supplier of rolled metal in the amount of 5,5 thousand tons for the Customer of the construction of the Trade and household complex. MORE INFO

PROJECT №04. The project of expanding the production of textile products and footwear in the territory of Bukhara.

The capacity of the existing garment-textile production (production of special clothing) is 3.600 sets per month. MORE INFO

PROJECT №05. Project for the production of Cement brand PC 400 and PC 500 in packages.

The capacity of the Project is 300,000 tons of finished products per year.

The project is planned to be implemented in the territory of Kashkadarya region, 20 km from the place of extraction of raw materials.

Currently, the Company has allocated a land plot in the territory of the Kashkadarya region in area of 5 hectares and developed a design and estimate documentation for the construction of the plant.


PROJECT №09. Import of sugar to Uzbekistan under a bank guarantee.

Our organization imports sugar to Uzbekistan in the amount of up to 50,000 tons per year. MORE INFO

PROJECT №11. Project of beer production in Kungrad district of Karakalpakstan

 I am looking for a partner to open a beer production facility in Kungrad district.

The cost of beer equipment is 250.000.000 sums with delivery and installation (+ training free of charge) from the city of Nukus to Kungrad. The production line consists of 10 barrels with a volume of 1000 liters. Exit from one barrel is 950 liters of beer. MORE INFO

PROJECT №12. The project of creating a clinic in the Tashkent region

I am looking for a partner to open a clinic in the Tashkent region by modernizing and reconstructing a building on the basis of an inactive hospital facility, restoring industrial medicine. MORE INFO

PROJECT №13. The project of the organization of the Ecotourism complex with a reservoir and archaeological sites along the international highway

The project provides for the creation of an Ecotourism complex on a 7 hectare land plot, which includes a reservoir. 

Close to the complex are 8 archaeological, historical sites on a total area of ​​50 hectares along the international highway. MORE INFO

PROJECT №14. Expansion of production of medicines

Our organization has been manufacturing medicines for over 16 years. We produce more than 18 types of medicines. The assortment also includes alcohol tinctures and syrup-containing preparations. MORE INFO

PROJECT №15.Creation of a private elementary school in the Kungrad region.

I am looking for an investor to establish a private elementary school in the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the Kungrad region. MORE INFO

PROJECT №26. PRODUCTION OF COMPOSITE (fiberglass and basalt plastic) FITTINGS. The project cost is 220 000 USD.

We offer a highly profitable business with a minimum investment in production and the fastest payback period (1 year).MORE INFO

PROJECT №37.Manufacture of vegetable oils.

The main activity of our company is the production of dried vegetables and fruits.. MORE INFO

PROJECT №48.Expansion of the activities of the Internet store for the sale of consumer goods on credit.

The project is more than 2 years old. For 5 months of this year, the volume of sales of goods increased by 40% and a steady growth in the rate of sales is expected.. MORE INFO

PROJECT №54.On processing of leather and manufacture of leather products.

The company reports on the availability of its own land in the industrial zone of Tashkent city, its own raw materials resources and the availability of highly qualified specialists in the procurement of leather-dressing raw materials. MORE INFO

PROJECT №103.Production of fruit vegetables 100% natural juices by direct cold extraction

100% natural product has the following advantages: MORE INFO

PROJECT №111.on production of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) from polypropylene pellets with metallization.

Projected capacity of the Project is 8.000 tons of finished products per year for thin film and 14184 tons a year with an open head.: MORE INFO

PROJECT №139.For the production of 100% natural dried fruits, vegetables and melons

At present, in the world and in the EU countries, the need for 100% natural dried products is very high. MORE INFO

PROJECT №140.The project implies an investment project for the production of inulin with a capacity of 1000 tons per year. Inulin will be packaged in bags from 1 kg to 20 kg.

The capacity of the Project is 1000 tons of finished products a year  MORE INFO

PROJECT №147.on the production of electrical insulation tape on a plastic and matrix basis.

The design capacity of the Project is 3600 tons of finished products a year, based on plastic and 1000 tons on a fabric basis  MORE INFO

PROJECT №152. Organization of the construction of a tourist complex and a hotel in the Kainar massif of the Kitab District for tourists.

Purpose: The organization of this project should ensure the following: MORE INFO

PROJECT №158. On the expansion of the production of wooden panels (DVP, DSP).

The capacity of the operating wood of the manufacturing industry (panel production) is 5.000 m3 per yearMORE INFO

PROJECT №170. Dental tourism in Tashkent.

A dentist with 7 years of experience in the field needs an investor to launch a project to attract foreign patients and develop dental tourism in the country. MORE INFO

PROJECT №175. "Organization of complex tourist services in rural areas" (Republic of Belarus)

 The essence of the proposed project:MORE INFO

PROJECT №180. On meat processing, storage of vegetables and fruits, cafe "MILLIY TAMMLAR", Supermarket of entertaining shopping complex, Hotel and auto-technical workshop.

It is required to attract investment funds in the amount of: $ 1 350 000 MORE INFO

PROJECT №181. Construction of a wholesale agricultural market.

Construction of a wholesale agricultural market.MORE INFO

PROJECT №184. "Establishment of an agricultural production facility" (Republic of Belarus)

The essence of the proposed project:.MORE INFO

PROJECT №191. Business on Amazon.

Business on «Amazon» is a promising high-yielding and business with great opportunities. The essence of the business is to place the available goods for sale on the trading platform «Amazon» and to profitable goods in a short time. For this, Amazon has created warehouses throughout the world for the reception of goods, their packaging, search for a buyer, advertising, selling at a bargain price and calculating with supplier of the goods. For all this, «Amazon»  charges a fee of 0,99 cents for each product sold. MORE INFO

PROJECT №193. Manufacture in Uzbekistan and sale in the conditions of legal monopoly in the international market of organic massage - hygienic sponges from fine-fibered loofah

The initiator of the project provides a legal monopoly for 20 years on the production and sale of innovative sponges in the CIS countries, including Russia. Currently, patenting is carried out in the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, India.MORE INFO

PROJECT №218. An orchard establishing in the Tashkent region.

The investment funds are needed to establish an orchard of quince in a farm in the Tashkent region on the area of 10 hectares (there are total 20 hectares of land) in the amount of: 295 000 000 UZS (36 875 US dollars). The total cost project is: 445 000 000 sum. (55 625 US dollars) From this: MORE INFO

PROJECT №222. Processing of milk and dairy products.

Organization of production of milk and dairy products, including cream, kefir, brynza and cheese. The economic efficiency of the project: The organization of domestic production will allow producing products of lower cost than imports. Project location: Urgench district, Khorezm region. Total cost of the project: 300 000 US dollarsMORE INFO

PROJECT №233. The restaurant in Tashkent city.

The restaurant is in a comfortable, familiar town that has a strong need for additional dining options.  The investment needed: 127,070 $

We believe a locally-owned restaurant is the best option to serve the rapidly growing population with a fresh, unique menu as opposed to a national chain franchise. We intend to succeed by giving our customers a combination of delicious and high quality food in an appealing environment with excellent customer service, whether on their first visit or hundredth. MORE INFO

PROJECT №235. Creation of an innovative Ferris Wheel in the territories of Khiva in the vicinity of the historical complex "Ichan Kala".

Creation of an innovative Ferris Wheel in the territories of Khiva in the vicinity of the historical complex "Ichan Kala". Our project is oriented to the local population, in which the "Wheel of Review" will be the place for creating videos and photos for wedding celebrations as "Love Story", and we plan to receive proceeds from the leasing of capsules for the purpose of making different video clips. MORE INFO

PROJECT №238. Cotton-textile project in the Bukhara region.

Organization of cotton-textile production in the territory of 2000 hectares in Bukhara region. Investing in cotton growing and processing fiber in the existing spinning mill with a production capacity of 4200 tons / year of cotton export-oriented yarn. Total cost of the project: 13 000 000 US dollars

Sources of financing: Contribution of the initiator of the project: 9 000 000 US dollars; Investor's contribution: 4 000 000 US dollarsMORE INFO

PROJECT №268. Opening of bakery shop in Kashkadarya region.

Opening of cake, bread and baked confectionery shop in Kashkadarya region. The author of the concept has experience in this field and well-trained in market demand. Required investment of $ 20,000 are assigned to... MORE INFO

PROJECT №272. Improving the provision of taxi services in Tashkent.

Investment injections are necessary for the most effective functioning of the enterprise, which will significantly increase the volume of services provided, and accordingly, increase profits. This requires replenishment of assets in the form of additional vehicles, equipment and working capital. Total project cost - 1 187 000 $MORE INFO

PROJECT №333. Construction of a flour milling complex with a capacity of 120 tons per day in the Sirdarya region.

Currently, the need for flour and flour products in the country is strongly tied to imports. Despite the potential available for grain processing, most of the flour we buy from Kazakhstan. In addition, unlike other projects, this project involves further expansion of production by launching secondary products (pasta, feed, etc.). The total cost of the project 2 092 383 USD. Required amount of investment: 1 650 000 USDMORE INFO

PROJECT №350. Forex trading

I am a private trader with over 3 years working experience in the stock markets. I make a profit by the changes of prices in the assets in a short and long position. Buying in a cheaper price and selling in a higher prices. I make a stable profit by my own strategy and personal trading robot, which was created throughout my career. Required amount of investment: $ 10,000 or more. MORE INFO

PROJECT №363. Creating a greenhouse in the Free Economic Zone (Bukhara).

The location of the greenhouse is located in the area covered by all engineering networks. Workers and staff involved in farming have sufficient experience in this field. The author of the project has a good knowledge of the market of agricultural products. Low risk and low product costs ensures that its market value is at affordable prices. The greenhouse will be built on 3 hectares of land on the basis of modern technologies, which meets the requirements of modern standards. The total cost of the project is: $ 1,400,000. Required amount of investment: $ 1,050,000. READ MORE

PROJECT №372. Production of “silicon dioxide” (99.9) in Tashkent.

The advantage of our production is that there are no other competitive manufacturers in the market of Uzbekistan. Today the product is imported from abroad and currently the cost of the product is 51 000 soum in Uzbekistan. It is required to attract investment funds in the amount of: from 300 000 USD. READ MORE

PROJECT №390. Establishing a new ticket agency in Tashkent city.

The company will be functioned in sales of air tickets for passengers. It means that our company is considered as a subagent of one particular Agent air ticket sales company and functions according to the Sub-agency Contract. The goal of our company is that to supply the clients with comfortable ticket purchasing processes, gaining essential information for their journey. For establishing the company we need in total amount: 50 000 USD. READ MORE

PROJECT №420. NGV FS - Natural Gas vehicle filling station in Tashkent city.

This project envisages the construction of 2 complexes of a gas filling station in the city of Tashkent. The location of future NGV filling stations on the large ring road is the 1st NGV filling station in close proximity to the Kuylyuk market and the 2nd NGV filling station in the area of the Parkent market - these areas are among the busiest in the capital. The total project cost is $ 1 700 000. Required investment amount $ 1 190 000. READ MORE

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