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Access to the database of business proposals, types of investment and legal support of the transaction

The businessman suggests entering into a functioning business, the investor invests its own funds, and we unite them into a joint business.

With us, the Investor will be able to find an operating project in the industry of interest, which will bring profit from the invested funds. At the same time, we will make efforts to multiply and save your investments.

Addressing to us, you get unique access right to the whole database of business proposals, which were selected from a variety of applications by our experts.

At the same time, direct investments in existing projects can bring income much higher than income from traditional investments - deposits in banks, mutual funds and other financial instruments.

How it works?

After considering your proposal for the possibility of investing (by phone or by correspondence), it is sent for moderation. After a while your offer will appear in the public access or may return for revision with the recommendations of our expert.

In addition, you can choose a project from the list and contact us to conclude a Service Agreement and arrange a meeting with a businessman in order to acquire a stake in the finished business.

Your income depends on the type of transaction and the company you are investing in. You can buy a stake in a growing business. In 2-3 years the company can multiply the revenue. Then the cost of your share will grow 10-15 times.

Types of investment

Investments are expected in the following ways:

  • Buying a share in business by increasing the company's authorized capital;
  • Buying a share in the business from the owner of the company or his companion.

Your investments can be used to develop a business that needs working capital. Also, the reason for selling a stake in the business may be a divergence in partners’ views on business, or the desire of one of them to leave the business for other reasons.

Our company will help you to get high profitability. Also, you will open new segments of the market and business model, find partners and ideas that you want to implement.

We carefully select businesses that can several times increase its revenues and enter the markets of other countries.

You can choose an online store, a construction project, a production of a demanded product or another business that you understand.


Investing in a new business takes time, besides - it's risky. We will help you to quickly select the Project that suits you and minimize the risks.

We will provide legal support for the transaction, specify what the investments will be used on.

If you buy a share of the business, we will help to ensure financial transparency of the project, determine the procedure for managing the company, establish control over the actions of the management bodies, agree on the rules for the distribution of profits, and monitor the implementation of the business plan.

Audit of the project concept

We will carry out legal and financial examination of the Project, analyze the commercial concept of the project, conduct a verification of compliance of the stated terms of the project and the projections with economic efficiency of the project.

As a result, the Investor receives the results of the analysis in an understandable form.

Project progress tracking

After the completion of the investment attraction phase, we are ready to offer the organization of interaction between the authors of ideas and investors, conduct an audit of the execution of the business plan and, if necessary, act as the controlling body.

Project # 001. The existing technological line for flour production is being sold (Miller 700 norm +)

The country of the producer of the technological line - Russia.

The productivity of the technological line for the 1st grade flour - 700 kg / h.

The line worked for a year and a half.

The technological line is being sold for - $ 25,000. MORE INFO

Project # 002. The existing technological line for the production of polymer bags

Country of origin - China.

Productivity on polyethylene - 800 kg / day

Productivity on polypropylene (BOPF, PET) intaglio printing - 700 kg / day

Productivity by flop-printing 200 kg / day. The net profit from all production per month is $ 14,000.

The turnover in a month is 140.000 $. MORE INFO

Project # 003. A stake in existing operating business of production of meat snacks

Productivity - 20 kg / day. or 1000 packs / day.

The net profit per month is $ 4,500.

There are no manufacturers of similar products in Uzbekistan. We plan to export products to Russia, where there is a steady demand for similar products and prices for it are 60-70% higher than our prices.


Project # 004. A share in the existing business for the production of beef ingluvies (scars) is sold

Productivity 200 ingluvies / day.

The net profit per month is $ 10,000.

The products are sold at a fixed, established price to the supplier supplying the products for export to China, where there is a steady demand. There are five partners in business with the ratio 30/24/16/20/10%. Two of the partners (24% and 16%) are ready to sell their shares in the business. The project is estimated at $ 120,000. MORE INFO

Project # 015.Sale of business on production of knitwear products

For sale ready and operating business in the production of knitwear;

The total amount is $650 000;  MORE INFO

Project №083 Marble mining

A ready-made and operating business is being sold in the field of extraction of marble limestone and facing stone of Aksakat. The quarry is located in the Tashkent region. • Project cost: 1 200 000 $. • Total area of the quarry: 3,5 hectares. • Types of property: Marble quarry with a stock of raw materials of 320 000 m³ of the marble. • Annual performance: 10 000 m³ of marble. • Annual income is 3 000 000 $ from realization of marble. • Annual expense: 500 000 $.  MORE INFO

Project №084 Production of concrete building materials

In a modern market economy, there is a high demand for quality and affordable products. The difference between the project and other competitors is the low cost of construction products and the implementation of cheap products on the market.  MORE INFO

Project №1008 Expansion of the amusement park (sale of a share in the business)

Description of the project: Sale of 50% stake in active construction business, which estimated at $ 4,000,000. The company has a functioning amusement park on the balance sheet of the organization, with an area of 5 hectares and more than 20 attractions. It is planned to spend a part of the investment amount to develop the park which has no competitors in one of the big cities of Uzbekistan.It is planned to increase the territory of the park and carry out modernization.MORE INFO

Project №1093 Sale of a share in an Oil refinery

At the moment, the installation and commissioning of the oil refinery is being carried out. It is planned to sell a 20% stake in the business, the funds will be spent to buy raw materials. The plant will produce diesel fuel, gasoline, tar and other residual products from petroleum products. The author of the project invested $10 230 000 for the purchase of equipment, construction and installation works. MORE INFO


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