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Capital Investment Projects

PROJECT №09. Import of sugar to Uzbekistan under a bank guarantee.

Our organization imports sugar to Uzbekistan in the amount of up to 50,000 tons per year. MORE INFO

PROJECT №180. On meat processing, storage of vegetables and fruits, cafe "MILLIY TAMMLAR", Supermarket of entertaining shopping complex, Hotel and auto-technical workshop.

It is required to attract investment funds in the amount of: $ 1 350 000 MORE INFO

PROJECT №268. Opening of bakery shop in Kashkadarya region.

Opening of cake, bread and baked confectionery shop in Kashkadarya region. The author of the concept has experience in this field and well-trained in market demand. Required investment of $ 20,000 are assigned to... MORE INFO

PROJECT №424.Realization of electric automobiles in the market of Uzbekistan.

Buying  cars  from  China  and Buying  cars  from  China  and realization them  in the market of Uzbekistan. According to  the  Resolution  of  the  President  of  the  Republic  of Uzbekistan,  from  January  1,  2019,  is  set  a  zero  rate  of customs  duty  on  electric  cars,  that  is,  transport  vehicles driven by an electric motor only (HS code 870380).The author of the project has 20 years’ experienceon  car sales, including 5 years in European countries.  MORE INFO

PROJECT №436. Sports and recreation complex with an open water park in Chirchik.

The outdoor water park is a versatile center for activeThe outdoor water park is a versatile center for activerecreation and entertainment, offering swimming pools,diving from springboards, water slide rides, and muchmore.

The need to attractThe need to attractinvestment funds in theamount of: 1 723 000 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №450. Construction of a building in Tashkent.

The company started the construction of two non-residential buildings on its own land plot of 0.32 hectares, but there is not enough money to implement the project.

Required amount of investment: 1 000 000 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №623. Mall construction with paid parking in Tashkent

We offer a request for investment in the construction of a shopping complex with a floor of paid parking in Tashkent. The choice of this place for construction is determined on the basis of a number of serious reasons: - object location; - the facility is located along the highway and close to the autobahn; - non-residential premises can be used in the form of shops for wholesale;Until today, the following work has been done: - developed a topographic survey of the territory on 0.32 hectares; - Design and estimate documentation developed and relevant expertise; MORE INFO

PROJECT №632. Construction of cottages in Tashkent region.

Description of the object:  Land area - 250 m2;  Total area of the building - 257 m2;  Terrace area on the operated roof- 128,5 m2;  Floors of the building - 2 floors;  Floor height - 3,0 m;  Total number of cottages - 10;  Total area of buildings - 2 570 m2. Basically, the developer does not offer an apartment with a finished decoration, since the client comes to the apartment of an elite house already with his designer to implement his ideas, so the object is usually rented out with general construction finishing: MORE INFO

PROJECT №909. Gold mining Project

It is planned to mine gold in a land plot with the area of 3 hectares for the purchase of which will be spent about 10’000 $. 600 wells can be drilled in1 hectare land plot, despite the fact that 6 wells can be processed per day and it takes about 2-2,5 hours per well, 1-hectare land plot can be cultivated in 86 days. From 1 well can be lifted up 7 m² of rocks and in minimal concentration with 0,2 g/m³ can be released about 8,4g gold per day MORE INFO

For the attention of investors!

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