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 We would like to take this opportunity to introduce VICTORY Group of Companies, which includes Business Advocacy, Legal Consulting Company and «VICTORY INVESTING» Investment Company, which has the largest database of business projects (over 1000) in Uzbekistan placed in our website - «UZINVEST.UZ». In addition, the Company attracts investments in projects that are not placed on the site due to confidentiality of information (about 100 projects). Most projects have profitability of more than 50%.

Uzbekistan opens again for investors. For example, according to the “Doing Business 2020” international ranking of economy, Uzbekistan raised from 166th place in 2012 to 69th place in 2019. Below are some rating indicators:

  •  “Registering property” – 72nd place
  •  “Protecting minority investors” – 37th place
  • "Starting a business" – 8th place
  • “Enforcing Contracts” – 22nd place
  • “Getting Credit” – 67th place
  • “Paying Taxes” – 69th place

The World Bank has included Uzbekistan in the TOP-20 reformer countries.

Uzbekistan became the country of 2019 according to the British magazine The Economist.

Despite such high indicators, the concepts of “Bank guarantee” and “Insurance of entrepreneurial risks”, as a rule, exist only in nominal terms.

Our company offers investments in projects on an equity basis, or in the form of loans on favorable terms, using the following tools in order to ensure repayment of funds:

-Under a transaction (conditionally called a REPO), where up to 90% of a share in a business is transferred to an Investor on the terms of return on the received share after repayment of the investment. Thus, the Investor receives full legal and financial control over the company, including control over the targeted use of funds;

- In case of attracting investments in the form of a loan, a transaction (conditionally called a REPO) can also be executed on the above conditions, and property purchased with loan funds is pledged in order to further ensure loan repayment. After repayment of the loan body, the lender can remain in the business with a certain share participation;

- We carry out free legal and financial expertise of the project (Due diligence);

- We provide legal protection for the interests of the investor;

- The return and safety of investments is provided by legal instruments with the involvement of one of the best Business Advocacy and Legal Consulting Company in Uzbekistan;

- In order to ensure investment, we have found for you a solution to the problem of minimizing the risks of loss of invested funds. The solution is to attract the local Insurance Company, a partner providing insurance protection against failure by the Principal / Borrower to fulfill monetary obligations to the Beneficiary / Lender or from other risks with reinsurance by a foreign Insurance company.

An example of financing a project using borrowed funds.

Borrowed funds of $ 2,142,000 are required for a period of 3 years, which will be spent in the following order:

  • Purchase of equipment $ 1,632,000;
  • Transportation costs for the delivery of equipment $ 50,000;
  • Construction and infrastructure $ 460,000.

Financing scheme.

  1. The Borrower will provide insurance (with reinsurance) against default by the Borrower of monetary obligations to the Lender in the amount of the first tranche in the amount of $ 1,000,000.
  2. Obtaining the first tranche of the loan in the amount of $ 1,000,000. The loan received will be spent on the purchase of equipment($ 975,000), with delivery to Uzbekistan($ 25,000).
  3. After the equipment is delivered in the amount of $ 975,000, it is pledged to the lender to receive the second tranche of the loan in the amount of $ 682,000.
  4. The loan received in the amount of $ 682,000 will be used to purchase a second set of equipment, taking into account delivery to Uzbekistan. After the equipment is delivered in the amount of $ 657,000, it is pledged to the lender to receive the third tranche of the loan in the amount of $ 460,000.
  5. The loan received in the amount of $ 460,000 will be directed to the construction and creation of infrastructure.

Total loan amount: $ 2,142,000

The interest rate on the loan and the payment schedule are set at the discretion of the Lender.

Why we invest in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan may become a new driver for attracting foreign direct investment and economic growth in the region

The investment prospects of Uzbekistan in the light of recent changes in the country have expanded significantly, experts say BCG, a member of the "Big Three Management Consulting" in the world. MORE INFO

Anatoly Kazakov believes that Uzbekistan will become the second economy of the CIS

Uzbekistan may become the second largest economy among the CIS countries, said Anatoly Kazakov, chairman of the coordinating council of the Commonwealth Financial and Banking Council. MORE INFO

February 13, 2019, on the London Stock Exchange, for the first time international obligations of Uzbekistan were realized. Investors have shown great interest in our country.

The Economist published an article about economic changes in Uzbekistan

British "The Economist" edition published an article about economic changes in Uzbekistan, where were raised such questions as a growth of the foreign investors flow, consecutive changes in the country, also ways of the country development.


The Economist named Uzbekistan the country of the year.

Uzbekistan became the country of the year according to the British magazine The Economist. Last year, the winner was Armenia. MORE INFO

World Bank publishes economic forecast for Uzbekistan.

Inflationary pressure is likely to persist in 2019-2020 due to a number of factors, according to the organization. The World Bank has published a new publication, «Economic Renewal of Uzbekistan», which describes medium-term development prospects. More details MORE INFO

Uzbekistan Is The Hidden Gem In China's New Silk Road

Uzbekistan may very well be the best under-the-radar investment story in the world today. But the transformation spearheaded by the country's new president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, from socialism to capitalism should put the $50 billion economy on investors radar screens.

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, left, shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, before their meeting at the Great Hall of People on April 25, 2019 in Beijing, China.

There is an idea - there is money, or how a business in Uzbekistan finds investors

Despite the coronavirus, Uzbekistan is still one of the most promising regions for investment. Proof of this is the large-scale international projects on the territory of the republic, in which the world's largest companies continue to invest even in a pandemic. According to experts, the republic is one of the countries with high profitability of projects and weak competition in many sectors. READ MORE


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