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Capital Investment Projects

PROJECT №14. Expansion of production of medicines

Our organization has been manufacturing medicines for over 16 years. We produce more than 18 types of medicines. The assortment also includes alcohol tinctures and syrup-containing preparations. MORE INFO

PROJECT №54.On processing of leather and manufacture of leather products.

The company reports on the availability of its own land in the industrial zone of Tashkent city, its own raw materials resources and the availability of highly qualified specialists in the procurement of leather-dressing raw materials. MORE INFO

PROJECT №103.Production of fruit vegetables 100% natural juices by direct cold extraction

100% natural product has the following advantages: MORE INFO

PROJECT №140.The project implies an investment project for the production of inulin with a capacity of 1000 tons per year. Inulin will be packaged in bags from 1 kg to 20 kg.

The capacity of the Project is 1000 tons of finished products a year  MORE INFO

PROJECT №184. "Establishment of an agricultural production facility" (Republic of Belarus)

The essence of the proposed project. MORE INFO

PROJECT №193. Manufacture in Uzbekistan and sale in the conditions of legal monopoly in the international market of organic massage - hygienic sponges from fine-fibered loofah

The initiator of the project provides a legal monopoly for 20 years on the production and sale of innovative sponges in the CIS countries, including Russia. Currently, patenting is carried out in the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, India. MORE INFO

PROJECT №313. Production of an electric car with charging from a network of 220 V in 1 hour. (KAZAKHSTAN).

Our company is registered in the economic zone of the city of Harbin, China. The direction of our company is the development, implementation and promotion of promising and progressive technologies.

Required amount of investment: 3 647 439 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №553.Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Production of drugs Phosphimarin (hepatoprotector), Alpha Essentiamine and Formula №8. The founder has experience in the creation and management of private enterprises, has been in business since 2005.Production of drugs Phosphimarin (hepatoprotector), Alpha Essentiamine and Formula №8. The founder has experience in the creation and management of private enterprises, has been in business since 2005.At the present stage, the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan is one of the fastest growing among similar markets in the CIS countries. MORE INFO

PROJECT №576. Production of innovative facade material and micro calcite.

The uniqueness of the project:The uniqueness of the project:• Use of the most modern technological lines (Italy);• Fast payback due to exemption from all taxes and customs duties;• Established infrastructure of the facility;• Convenient logistics (for export). 

Required investment amount: $ 1,200,000


PROJECT №664. Creation of a modern logistics center and a mineral water bottling processing line.

The project aims to create a logistics center. The logistics center will receive up to 100 thousand tons of cargo per year, and also, a mini-plant for the production of mineral water will be built on the territory. The volume of water production is 6000 l / h and the creation of a cooling chamber with a volume of 2000 tons.The author of the project has a land area of 2.4 hectares; of which 7.300 m² are allocated for the current warehouse.


PROJECT №697. Construction of a modern, universal, multi-structured office and business center in Tashkent.

Project description: The business centre may include institutions of various functions: credit and financial, administrative, commercial, sports and entertainment. This location has an area of one hectare and has convenient transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. The territory does have all technical communications conditions, also the territory is fenced with wall and green landscaped.  MORE INFO

PROJECT №699. Production of vermiculite boards.

Project description: Expanded vermiculite slabs can significantly reduce construction costs, save on heating and sound insulation. The property of absorption provides the sound absorption effect. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the relatively small thickness of the vermiculite layer: the maximum absorption is achieved at 5 cm. Product samples are obtained. MORE INFO

PROJECT №820. Production of cotton swabs.

Project description: A workshop for the production of cotton swabs was put into operation in 2015. Area - 500 m². The production of cotton swabs is already underway. We have regular customers for our products. MORE INFO

PROJECT №825. A4 office paper production.(Expansion of activity)

Our company has been manufacturing paper and other stationery for more than 1 year. We have regular customers. Production capacity is 200 000 packs / month of office paper of A4 size 80 g C class. We are currently expanding production and changing locations. We plan to complete this process by the end of March. Our customers trust us, and will be able to make a 100% prepayment before placing an order.  MORE INFO

PROJECT №968 Production of paper products from cotton stalks.

It is planned to create a modern production facility for the production of a wide range of high-quality pulp and paper products. MORE INFO

PROJECT №969 Production of paper products.

It is planned to create a modern output for the production of a wide range high-quality two-layer corrugation paper containers. The goal of the project is to organize processing waste in two-layer paper for corrugated containers with further export abroad. Paper mill with a production capacity of 25,000 tons/year. MORE INFO

PROJECT №987 Production of designer bags from expensive wood species and genuine leather.

Project description: Main activity - production of exclusive men's and women's bags made of expensive wood and genuine leather, glasses and watches made of wood, men's and women's belts and accessories (clutches, wallets, business card holders, jewelry boxes for jewelry, gift boxes and others souvenirs). Manufacturing of the above goods carried out by means of a woodworking and a sewing workshop. MORE INFO

PROJECT №1092 Production of high-quality cement

It is planned to organize the production of jewelry using Italian technology. The author of the project will invest about $ 2 500 000 of his own funds for construction and installation work. MORE INFO

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