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Stages of cooperation and recommendations for the preparation of Business proposals



Consideration of the idea of the project for the possibility of investing (by phone or by correspondence)



Placement of the Author’s Project / Investor’s Offer to the site



Conclusion of the Service Agreement



Carrying out the negotiations of Authors of ideas with Investors



Conclusion of the deal for the financing of the project

With us, the Author of the idea can attract investments into his project, and the Investor can choose an advantageous option for investing his money.

Applying to us, you get a unique access to a whole base of business ideas and investors' proposals, which were selected from the set of applications by our experts.

The businessman puts the idea into the project, the investor - its money, and we unite them into a joint business.

Security guarantees

We carefully select investors and business proposals.

We provide legal protection of the interests of the investor.

We provide legal protection from the disclosure of the idea of ​​the project until the conclusion of a transaction with a potential investor.


Stages of cooperation

  1. 1. Application.

When you contact us (by phone or by sending a message on the page CONTACTS) the Author of the idea provides a Business proposal (in a short, optional form). We conduct a free expert examination in order to identify its advantages and eliminate shortcomings.

To place your business proposal for the project on our site, we do not oblige participants to provide business plans. But investor confidence in the project is greatly enhanced if the author provides a complete package of documents. Therefore, we recommend doing this. If you need help in drafting a business plan and financial plan - please contact.

After considering the idea of ​​the project by our experts for the possibility of investing, it is sent for placement on the site.


  1. 2. Placement.

Your Business proposal for the project will be available for free or can be returned for revision with the recommendations of our expert.

In addition, after the publication of the Business Proposal, we will provide notification to those investors who instructed us to select the Project without submitting its investment offer on this site, present the project concept to them.

  1. 3. The Agreement.

After the interest of any of the Investors in your Business proposal is expressed, we prepare a draft Service Agreement for you to sign.

  1. 4. Negotiations.

After signing the Agreement, we organize the negotiations of the Author of the idea with the Investor.

  1. 6. The transaction.

At the final stage, the interested parties conclude a transaction to finance the project.


Preparing the Business proposal for the project the Author should highlight the following:

  • The uniqueness and relevance of the product / service proposed for production;
  • The amount of required investment;
  • Estimated profit level;
  • Estimated payback period of investments;
  • What is the guarantee of return on investment;
  • Identify acceptable types of investment.

Types of investment

Investing is supposed to be obtained in the following ways:

- as a percentage of the invested amount;

- in the form of a percentage of profit for the entire duration of the project;

- in the form of a share in the business;

- other types of cooperation.

In addition, we can buy / sell a stake in the finished business.

Payment order

The payment for our services is made after the opening of the financing.


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