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Capital Investment Projects

PROJECT №11. Project of beer production in Kungrad district of Karakalpakstan

I am looking for a partner to open a beer production facility in Kungrad district. The cost of beer equipment is 250.000.000 sums with delivery and installation (+ training free of charge) from the city of Nukus to Kungrad. The production line consists of 10 barrels with a volume of 1000 liters. Exit from one barrel is 950 liters of beer. MORE INFO

PROJECT №37.Manufacture of vegetable oils.

The main activity of our company is the production of dried vegetables and fruits. MORE INFO

PROJECT №139. For the production of 100% natural dried fruits, vegetables and melons

At present, in the world and in the EU countries, the need for 100% natural dried products is very high. MORE INFO

PROJECT №222. Processing of milk and dairy products.

Organization of production of milk and dairy products, including cream, kefir, brynza and cheese. The economic efficiency of the project: The organization of domestic production will allow producing products of lower cost than imports. Project location: Urgench district, Khorezm region. Total cost of the project: 300 000 US dollars. MORE INFO

PROJECT №333. Construction of a flour milling complex with a capacity of 120 tons per day in the Sirdarya region.

Currently, the need for flour and flour products in the country is strongly tied to imports. Despite the potential available for grain processing, most of the flour we buy from Kazakhstan. In addition, unlike other projects, this project involves further expansion of production by launching secondary products (pasta, feed, etc.). The total cost of the project 2 092 383 USD. Required amount of investment: 1 650 000 USD. MORE INFO

PROJECT №380.Production of baby and other types of food.

This project involves the organization of production of a wide range of export-oriented and import-substituting food products, including fruit puree of vegetables, dairy mixes, dried fruits and vegetables from natural ingredients in the Samarkand region.

Required amount of investment: 11 814 480 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №536.Creation of a joint venture for the development of 50 hectares of bagar land.

TThis project is proposed to create on the basis of an existing enterprise on the balance sheet of which there are:This project is proposed to create on the basis of an existing enterprise on the balance sheet of which there are:- operating production refrigerator with three chambers with a total capacity of 500 tons for storing vegetables, fruits and grapes;- land plot of 50 hectares.

Required amount of investment:Required amount of investment:6 771 000 000 soums. MORE INFO

PROJECT №572.Production and sale of milk and fat products.

The modern market is saturated with a variety of products of different price ranges and with a diverse range. The lack of free time in big cities forces people to gradually move from the habit of dining and dining at home to the habit of visiting cafes and restaurants, as it is fast and convenient.

RRequired amount of investment: 1 500 000 $.  MORE INFO

PROJECT №592. Production of piece dishes in Singapore.

Objective of the project.Objective of the project.Production of ecologically healthy food such as fast food of a certain type, for sale in finished form through retail outlets (cafes, minimarkets, Street food points (street food), etc.).  

Required amount of investment:70 000 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №651. Production of dairy products in Ferghana region.

Project Plan: Enhancing Activities of the dairy factory. Project Plan: Enhancing Activities of the dairy factory. The plant processes 30-35 tons of milk per day. Mainly produces dry whole and skim milk. In addition to milk powder in the season feta cheese and whey powder are produced. And, the enterprise has the ability to manufacture yogurt, sour cream, cream and cottage cheese. Factory upon purchase of additional equipment under full load has opportunity to export 50% of products to countries CIS. MORE INFO

PROJECT №660. Production and sale of milk and fat products.

Uzbekistan has a special attitude to the culture of food andUzbekistan has a special attitude to the culture of food andconsumption, very high demands on the quality anddelivery of services.The author of the project has 16 years of experience in thisindustry. MORE INFO

PROJECT №667. Flour production and sale of grain (KAZAKHSTAN, the city of Nur Sultan).

The mill complex was put into operation in 2010. Located The mill complex was put into operation in 2010. Located in the industrial zone of Kazakhstan, the area of the mill is 1.7 hectares. The mill capacity is 120 tons / day, has its own railway line with a branch length of 353 m, there is a mini-elevator with a capacity of 7.5 thousand tons, 3 silos of 2.5 thousand tons each. There is also a highway for trucks and a warehouse for finished products with an area of 1.200 m².The author of the project invested in the project:6.000.000 $. MORE INFO

PROJECT №1090. Production of dried fruits and dried vegetables

It is planned to produce dried fruits and dried vegetables with further export. The author of the project has European technologies and equipment that meet the high European requirements for the production of dried fruits and dried vegetables. The author of the project has extensive experience in this field. The author of the project invested $ 3 150 000 for the purchase of European equipment for production, as well as $ 600 000 for the construction of buildings. Due to the lack of working capital, additional investment is needed. MORE INFO

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